Bt netrix வர்த்தக அமைப்பு - Netrix

The device takes advantage of network- centric voice, video and data communications to empower the user with instant access to the customer, the market and the applications to support the business. Netrix - Entry to the connected world This is an entirely new desktop device for the trading floor aimed at revolutionising trader communications.

Bt netrix வர்த்தக அமைப்பு. BT’ s Netrix Hi Touch appears to be a complimentary product to this cloud service by the company to establish itself as a leader in the sector and try to cater to a multitude of needs that financial services industry players need.

BT Netrix office supports 6 simultaneous, bi- directional audio communications: handset, intercom and 4 separate speaker channels. Be forewarned that if BT disagrees and wishes for any of this information to be removed, I will comply and cooperate immediately, and you will have to look elsewhere for information about ITS.

BT ITS Netrix Overview Key benefits Key features Detailed description Instant access for truly integrated trading This state- of- the- art desktop device for the trading floor will revolutionise trader systems and communications. BT Netrix is built on proven Power- PC technology running the Linux operating system.

Comprehensive displays, the ability to connect as both TDM and IP, to host open source applications, receive IP video streams and integrate with other devices ensure that BT Netrix will take every advantage of the exciting developments in communications. The handset audio can be re- directed to a headset or the hands- free. Netrix LLC, doing business as Maron Structure Technologies, designs, implements, and supports technology solutions for small and medium size businesses, and.